Don't Let Pain Take Over Your Life

Get dry needling treatments for pain in Hot Springs, AR

Have you lived with constant aches and pains without relief? Muscle and joint stiffness can be drastically reduced or eliminated with the help of a trained physical therapist. Get the help you need without drugs or surgery. Contact Body Tune today to learn more about our dry needling techniques in Hot Springs, AR.

Patients who try dry needling for pain have experienced immediate relief in the targeted area. Dry needling is not acupuncture. Instead of balancing energy, we seek to stimulate trigger points and connective tissues to alleviate pain and movement problems.

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Explore all of your options for pain management

Explore all of your options for pain management

At Body Tune, our physical therapists have over a decade of experience helping patients live happier, healthier lives. Visit our office for a free consultation to explore multiple pain-management treatments, including:

  • Electrical stimulation
  • Heat and ice packs
  • Range-of-motion activities

Surgery isn't always the best answer. Reach out to us today to experience reduced pain without invasive procedures or dangerous opiates.