Cosmetic Procedures

Age Is Just a Number

Schedule our effective skin care treatments to reverse the signs of aging in Hot Springs, AR

At body tune, we offer natural cosmetic procedures through the use of dry needling and percussive therapy to revitalize aging skin. Modern advances in skincare have given us much better control over the wrinkles, redness, and sagging that typically occur with age. Contact Body Tune today to set up an appointment for our skin care services in Hot Springs, AR.

Look and feel decades younger

At Body Tune, we offer a wide variety of cosmetic procedures designed to revitalize aging skin. Visit our office to:

  • Rejuvenate and increase skin vitality with bio-lift procedures
  • Resurface skin and heal wounds using dry needling
  • Improve blood flow and anti-aging effects using micro-needling

Promote healthy, fresh and flawless skin using the latest advancements in cosmetic procedures. Call 501-209-2054 today to learn more about our dry needling and micro-needling procedures.



It is believed that when applied correctly, KT Tape lifts the skin, decompressing the layers of fascia, allowing for greater movement of lymphatic fluid which transports white blood cells throughout the body and removes waste products, cellular debris, and bacteria. Elastic therapeutic tape, also called kinesiology tape, Kinesio tape, k-tape, or KT is an elastic cotton strip with an acrylic adhesive that is used with the intent of treating pain and disability from athletic injuries and a variety of other physical disorders.