Body Analysis

It's Your Body-Understand It Better

Set up an appointment for an ergonomic analysis in Hot Springs, AR

From your bed to your smartphone, objects you interact with each and every day have a serious impact on your body. If you're experiencing frequent and repeated pain, your daily routines could be to blame. Contact Body Tune to schedule an ergonomic analysis in Hot Springs, AR.

We'll observe your activity and collect meaningful feedback to help you make adjustments. Call 501-625-2167 today to start gaining valuable insight with our ergonomic analysis.

Use your body more efficiently with a posture analysis

If you're spending time training in the gym, shouldn't you make sure you're getting the most out of every motion? A motion and posture analysis at Body Tune can help you:

  • Take the guesswork out of your training
  • Improve your efficiency and exercise gains
  • Reduce the risks of injuries and setbacks


You might be surprised how a slight adjustment to your posture and motion can make a huge difference for your health. Train smarter so that you can train harder. Contact us today to receive a professional posture analysis in Hot Springs, AR.